Data drives IoT


Data drives IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling a growing range of new products, services, experiences and business models, with Gartner predicting 5.8 billion endpoints online by the end of 2020. Its ability to gather data autonomously makes IoT so attractive to a business’ bottom line—the potential to save costs, to improve productivity, and to reduce execution time.

Take an IoT step forward with DiUS

Whether you are just starting your IoT journey or you’d like to optimise and scale your IoT platform, our two-hour complimentary deep dive session will help you understand the key success factors for IoT-based initiatives as well as what capabilities and approaches you’ll need to have in place to develop a roadmap and drive outcomes.

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Tackling the complexity

Success with IoT in a business context often involves working with legacy systems, old communication protocols and an integrated mix of technologies like the cloud, AI/ML, IoT and virtual reality/artificial reality.

To make things work well requires numerous disciplines to design, build and deploy at scale, together with an appreciation of the end-to-end system and component interactions.

With expertise in software, firmware and hardware development, the implementation of IoT platforms, managing device manufacturing and deployment at scale, DiUS is unique in this space. Our team has specialist expertise in:

focusing on the business challenge, not just the technology. We design a sustainable solution taking into account interaction design, user research, technology strategy, horizon planning and market trends.

developing a data strategy and custom algorithms, using analytics and machine learning to deliver actionable insights on the data collected.

building IoT prototypes fast and cost-effectively, so an idea can be built and tested in the hands of users.

the interrelationships between physical components, smart components (sensors, controls, microprocessors, embedded software), and communication protocols.

manufacturing hardware devices to collect sensor data, if required.

How we've helped clients

Environmental Monitoring Solutions

DiUS helped EMS to design, build and deploy Fuelsuite, an IoT, cloud-based data platform and web application for retail fuel businesses. Fuelsuite improves decision making through better visibility of petrol station operations from collecting real-time data using IoT, as well as delivering important environmental and OH&S benefits.

EMS Delivers 500% ROI through IoT Capabilities Using AWS

The Future Service Station: EMS uses data for fuel loss detection

Swoop Aero

Swoop Aero makes access to air transport seamless by deploying two-way medical drone networks. They provide a safe, reliable and sustainable service to improve the delivery of essential health supplies. To enable continued security and compliance while scaling and during a period of rapid growth, Swoop Aero engaged DiUS to provide a variety of specialist capabilities in embedded engineering, AWS IoT Core, and cloud architecture.

NSW Health Pathology

DiUS helped NSW Health Pathology extend Point-of-Care-Testing (PoCT) to a variety of non-hospital settings to provide immediate, accurate results for certain pathology tests in locations that don’t have 24/7 labs. Working with partners Microsoft, Siemens and Intel, DiUS successfully connected PoCT Devices to a public cloud IoT framework to deliver pathology results to clinicians in under 30 minutes.

Cloud technology trial a first for Australian healthcare

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