In the late 80s Joe Losinno and Clency Coutet were fresh out of business degrees and working at Vic Roads when they were both asked to join an IT accelerator program. They had finished uni before IT was a thing and businesses were scrambling to upskill staff.

Every business suddenly needed an IT department and much of this shiny new department’s job was dedicated to managing servers or just making sure the software worked on everyone’s PC.

Joe and Clency catapulted into the 90s and along with many of their friends spent the decade in IT departments or consulting for the big banks and telcos. Sixty hour work weeks were not uncommon. They worked hard and earned an enviable reputation in the industry.

In 2003 Joe Losinno was in a team that handed over a project that basically meant delivering 4 blank CDs to one of the big Telcos for $750k. The project was delivered according to the contract so technically a success but in his mind was a failure. He thought…

There has to be a better way.

He started calling around pretending to have an office and an actual company, lined up some work then called on his IT crowd to deliver.

It worked. And soon co-founder Clency Coutet was onboard. They decided on a company name and DiUS Computing was born. They even ordered some business cards. The rest - as they say - is history.

From the start DiUS has championed agile development practices. This was an integral part of the “better way” mentality that is in the DiUS DNA.

(example of an early project that involved agile)

An early adopter of Amazon Web Service cloud technologies, it was when Amazon launched its web services region in Sydney in 2012 that the floodgates were opened and suddenly DiUS was able to merge clients to the cloud en masse. Cloud fans we have helped include Qantas, NAB, nib Health Insurance and MYOB.

DiUS was named the AWS Innovation Partner of the Year in 2017. This award recognised the DiUS way of tackling the big problems and using technology to make a genuine impact for clients.


Now as agile practices move out of development and into the wider world DiUS is taking clients on that journey too.

These days, instead of every business needing an IT team, they need a team of developers and tech staff. DiUS is enabling and driving this - sending highly skilled developers and tech leaders into organisations to effectively make them so good they no longer need us.

DiUS employs 140 people - and growing - across Sydney and Melbourne leading clients on new journeys with the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Big Data and Machine Learning.


“DiUS people are easy to work with. They are engineering practitioners who make an impact in the first three months. DiUS is the first call you make when you land at a new gig.” Craig Rees, Unlockd.